"Rally Kazakhstan 2019" – A new challenge for participants!



The 2019 edition of Rally Kazakhstan 2019 will be held for the third time counting to the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies between 26 May and 1 June. The competition will include six stages in the Mangystau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the sequence of racing special stages basically will not differ from 2018.

The start and finish of the rally remains on the east coast of the Caspian Sea in the city of Aktau. The total distance will be around 2500 km, including about 2000 kilometres against the clock.

The official headquarters of the competition will be located in The Caspian Riviera Grand Palace, like last year. Checks for national class will take place on 25th May, administrative and technical checks for the FIA World Cup participants will follow on 26th May. Service Park of Rally Kazakhstan will be located in the centre of Aktau, then for the next three days it will move south to the area of the Kinderly resort and will return to Aktau for the second part of the rally.

Dmitry Makhenya, Director of Rally Kazakhstan: 
“Rally Kazakhstan” is the only rally in the World Cup, which has six full stages, we did not have and will not have a prologue. The first reconnaissance of the route has already been carried out: on 10th November, the reco team passed along the route. The changes will basically affect the third and fifth stages of the rally: the starting points are moved in order to create additional sand sections. The sands in this region are distinguished by their treachery, as they are covered with vegetation, and this increases the complexity. The unique landscape of the Mangystau region has diverse types of terrain: on the same day there can be stones and sand, so participants need to choose the right tire pressure.”

Ronan Morgan, who is well known for being one of the most experienced professionals in the cross-country rally scene, will again be the Clerk of the Course of Rally Kazakhstan 2019. The race is being prepared under the patronage of the President of the Automotosport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Marat Abykayev.

Marat Abykayev, President of the Automotosport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan: 
"Rally Kazakhstan 2019" will be held in Mangystau region on the Caspian coast. Start will be on 26th May and the finish on 1st June. The rally will be 6 days long. The track will be slightly modified for 2019 and a little more sand is added this year so there are not so many high-speed sections. The length of the special stages will be a little bit less than last year, and for the comfort of the participants, we tried to minimize the length of liaisons. Being constantly in touch with teams, we always try to keep their wishes in mind and we know that for competitors, long liaisons mean inconvenience. We invite all competitors to the "Rally Kazakhstan", we hope that there will be more participants than in the previous years. Now we are negotiating with different teams, and we believe that even more competitors will come to us in 2019. We invite everyone to come to Kazakhstan!”

Kazakh hospitality is a national trait. At the bivouac in Kinderly, a traditional yurta will be established where participants and guests can get acquainted with the life and traditions of Kazakhstan, as well as taste various national dishes.

The organizers offer for teams and guests of the competition various types of logistics, including the delivery of cars by trailers from Europe to Kazakhstan (through Russia). For more information about the methods of logistics and other issues please contact the following email address: rallykazakhstan@gmail.com

For the rally vehicles complying FIA T1, T2, T3 and T4 classes and the National Class will be eligible.


Winners of "Rally Kazakhstan":

2016 Yuri Sazonov, Dmitry Tsyro (Mobilex Racing Team) 
2017 Nasser Al Attiyah, Mathieu Baumel (Overdrive Racing Team) 
2018 Yazeed Al-Raji, Timo Gottschalk (X-Raid Team)


Video summary of the 2018 edition:


Program of the rally:

25 May: Administrative and technical checks for national class 
26 May: Administrative and technical checks for FIA participants 
26 May: Press conference at the official hotel of the race. Ceremonial start on the quay of the city of Aktau 
27 May: 1st Stage (Aktau – Kenderly) 
28 May: 2nd Stage (Kenderly – Kenderly) 
29 May: 3rd Stage (Kenderly – Kenderly) 
30 May: 4th Stage (Kenderly – Aktau) 
31 May: 5th Stage (Aktau – Aktau) 
1 June: 6th Stage (Aktau – Aktau) 
1 June: Ceremonial podium on the embankment of the city of Aktau. Prizegiving Ceremony at the official rally hotel.


For all questions please contact the following email address: rallykazakhstan@gmail.com

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